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04 Aug 2022

If you didn’t already hear the news, we thought you’d like to know that our much-loved tiling instructor and boxing champ Matthew McHale is competing at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this week. Go Matty!

He’s in the Bantamweight category and will fight his first rounds on Tuesday 2 August as part of Team Scotland. Follow his progress here:

Our manager Antony first met Matty at Lochend Boxing Gym when he was just 20. A couple of years later a position for a training assistant came up and Matty jumped at the opportunity. He went on to qualify as an instructor, becoming a valued member of our team.

You really could not meet a more likeable guy than Matty. He is a great personality – colleagues and students love him and we will all be rooting for him this week.

antony and matty

Matty is a qualified instructor with us

Recently Matty’s career has really taken off under the guidance of his coach Terry McCormack. He became a member of Boxing Scotland’s team, and competed at the World Championships in October last year, and at the European Championships in May.
Earlier this summer he was at a training camp in Madrid and for the few days before the Games, he’s been training in Sheffield at the multi-nations camp. Now settled into the athletes’ village, he boxes his first rounds this week. We’re so excited for him.

If you’ve been a student here, you will know that everything stops when Matty boxes so we can watch live. To support Matty at this very special event, Antony, Gillian, Jane and Immy are off to Birmingham on Friday.

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