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15 Feb 2023

Our training doesn't end when your course is complete! You can return for free advice, re-attend lectures and attend our specialist training days.  We are proud to have built a Trades Training community and have established long-term relationships with many of our students.

You can join our support groups both on WhatsApp and a dedicated Facebook page. You will have instant access to support from a close network of tutors and experienced students.

And that’s not all - business start-up training is optional on all of our courses. Our experienced tutors will guide you on establishing and running your business, including marketing your business, pricing and quoting for work, keeping and organising your paperwork.

Don’t just take our word for it, read these reviews from Trustpilot:

The support network after leaving is also second to none
John Doolan

Best part being the support afterwards with a plumbers whatsapp group and direct contact with tutors when I need advice and tips!

The team works very well and will always be there to support you
Craig Ritchie

Read our reviews on Trustpilot

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