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05 Aug 2022

Funding is available in certain circumstances – see below. If you’re not eligible, remember we can help spread the costs by splitting up longer courses into smaller blocks. Just contact us to discuss options for your course.

National Transition Training Fund

Organised by Skills Development Scotland, this £25 million scheme is designed to help if you’ve been made redundant by providing access to training and an industry-recognised qualification.

If you’re over 25 and lost your job after the 1st March 2020, the programme is for you. If you’re currently employed but at risk of redundancy, you can also benefit from training grants to support you to retrain and find new work.

To find out more about the Skills Development Scotland funding that’s available and how you can access it, visit Please note it’s not just the training examples listed on the page that can be funded.

Call Skills Development Scotland 0800 917 8000

Low Value Provision

It’s often possible for the Job Centre to fund your courses. This will usually happen if there is a clear opportunity for employment and you simply need to gain a qualification. In this situation, you need to speak to your JobCentre Plus Advisor and ask them if they are able to fund the course via Low-Value Provision Funding.

If they have agreed to fund a course for you, they will need to put the course out to tender. We will receive the tender and submit our course details.

Please note that the tender will be sent to numerous providers. It is likely that we will win the tender but there is no guarantee that we will, and it is possible you may end up training elsewhere.

For further information, contact your JobCentre Plus Advisor.

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